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New York City Dailies: NY Post; Daily News

Stale Music Links; Hammond-Leslie links

Branching out

Synths: at Harmony Central; Music machines at Hyperreal; Moog Music; DSI (makers of the Prophet);

Space objects: j-pass; heavens-above

Biker Billy; WKCR; Simplified Yang Style; American Center for Chinese Studies;

Fun with words; Quicktopic; Misterpoll; Spyonit


My writings or experiments:

Other stuff:

Internet toolkit; Domain name search; Computer security links; IPSec; IPmasks; RFCs; List of lists; Pentesting
Read a particular RFC right now; XHTML explanation; HTML 4.01 Virus encyclopedia; CSS layout techniques; Robot test page; Alertbox: web usability; Wireless Node Database Project; dnsreport; dnsstuff

BGP stuff: GASP; BGP data page
Telnets to route-servers: route-server.exodus.net (c&w); route-server.ip.att.net
These route-servers have dampening: route-server.net.tiscali.com; route-views.oregon-ix.net
Directories of route-servers: Cisco Telnets

Dictionaries: Webster; Rhyming dictionary; Ritter's Dictionary of Technical Cryptography; Marketing terms; Wireless Telecomm glossary; The Jargon File (includes names of ASCII characters); Biographical dictionary; Telecom dictionary 2000

Privacy: safeweb, idzap, anonymizer, subdimension, zeroknowledge, privada, junkbuster, zixmail

1990 Census; 2000 Census;