Music Links


Thanks to copyright lawyers and greedy agents (it's not the musicians who do not want their work played by other musicians, it's "Mr. Ten Percent"), the UWP Lyrics Server seems to be gone forever. Instead, use the one in Switzerland.

Buying music gear


A great page of links I just found.
The Fender Rhodes is one of my favorite portable keyboards. has info and parts for the Hohner Clavinet.
You might like the Theremin page.
What happened to "Leper's Schematics", which had schematics of musical devices?
Please permit me to introduce you to the Music Machines page.
Bagpipes from Aberdeen Piping supply; also music. etc.
Recorders: Collins in Connecticut
Good to see that Buchla is still around.
Here is a site for piano tuners with lots of information.
Here's a good drum page.

Bands and musicians

Band pages:

Grateful Dead (too many links, try Yahoo)
Gentle Giant
Josef Zawinul
I was surprised to discover (via CDNOW) that Triumvirat has a site!
Jethro Tull

And try people of jazz, WNUR-FM JazzWeb, Jazz Central Station, and the Rykodisc page.
Buy or research CDs at CDNOW or Barnes&
The California Folk Music homepage is well worth, I said, well worth a visit.

Other stuff

Here's the WKCR (89.9) broadcast schedule.
You can listen to WABC (770 AM in NY).
Rush Limbaugh is here.
Find music in NJ with Yahoo's NJ music section.