Security Links

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General security:

Electronic Frontier Foundation; Security Corner; securityfocus; Hacker News Network; Security Bugware; NTSecurity;; Packet Storm; Computer Security Institute; Yahoo Security/Encryption; Intrusion detection


RSA, Rsa Labs, Security Dynamics, Counterpane, Cryptography FAQ



Dead Cow, l0pht (now @stake), Smash the Stack, RootShell, eeye, john the ripper, mixter; Hacker motives


Raptor "Eagle", Gauntlet, Cisco Pix, CyberGuard, Lucent, Check Point

Tools, exploits: (NMAP);; greymagic; Shadow security scanner; ISS system scanner; Ethereal protocol analyzer; Foundstone tools collection


Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT); CERT advisories; Security Focus; NTBugtraq; CVE common vulnerabilites and exposures; Cisco advisories; @stake advisories; MS Security Notification Service; MS advisory mailing list; SANS institute newsbites;


CISSP; cccure (study for CISSP); GIAC; CISA; ASIS CPP certification

Other info:

NSA security recommendations; Tempest, NEC Socks info, SSL v.3, Kerberos; Junkbusters (privacy info), IIS 4.0 security checklist (view using IE)